Gamma Ray Spectroscopy

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Related Material
1. Knoll, G, Radiation Detection and Measurement, Chapters 2 and 10. (Optional).
2.  γ Ray Spectrum Catalog
3.  UCS 20 Manual
4.  Pulse Height Analysis
5.  Compton Scattering
6.  Radiation & Health Effects
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This experiment gives you the opportunity to study high energy photons from radioactive nuclear decays. These photons have energies that are characteristic of the specific initial- and final- state nuclear energy levels and thus provide a means of studying the energy levels, nuclear reactions, and also provide a way to identify radioactive nuclear species in test samples. You will explore several different nuclear "fingerprints." You will also learn about scintillators, photomultiplier tubes, and pulse height analysis. [This experiment uses the same electronics as the gamma ray coincidence experiment, so they cannot be done by different teams at the same time.]
Your report should show results for and discuss ALL the experiments in the Pre-lab, Guide and Other Required Experiments files.