Experiment Guide
1.  Read this first!
2.  from Art of Electronics
3.  Pre-Lab (start several days before class)
4.  RC Circuits
5.  AC Circuits
6.  EM Pulses
7.  Handout from class -- AC_Circuit_Summary
Related Material
1.  Melissinos (2003) Chapter 3
2.  Video Tutorial
3.  On Oscilloscopes
4.  Oscilloscope Primer
5.  LC circuit Q
6.  Coax Impedance
7.  Pulse Generator Manual
8.  Lossy Transmission Lines
Useful Links
1.  Circuit Applet
2.  Oscilloscope Manual
3.  Oscilloscope Panel
4.  Q of resonant circuit
5.  Characteristic Impedance
6.  Op amps 1
7.  PG502
8.  AFG1022











The purpose of this lab is to introduce you to important tools for investigation in experiments (oscilloscope, multi-meter, signal generator), and to analog electronics and circuits. You will need these tools in your career in experimental physics. In this module, you will study complex impedance, RC and RLC circuits, make low pass and high pass filters, electrical noise, and explore pulse propagation in cables (reflections, effect of termination resistance).