Pulse NMR

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1.  Kittel, C., Introduction to Solid State Physics, 5th Edition, Chapter 16.
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3.  Melissinos pp 251-283
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Nuclear magnetic resonance has vast applicability in the characterization of solid state and atomic/molecular samples. It is used widely in condensed matter physics and analytical chemistry, and is used as a standard imaging method in the form of MRI. In this laboratory you will perform pulsed NMR, a powerful technique invented by a young postdoctoral student named Erwin Hahn that revolutionized the field. The TeachSpin pulsed NMR apparatus can be used to perform many measurements not explicitly described in the guide. After performing the standard measurements, you are encouraged to explore other liquids or materials which you can introduce into the sample holder. Remember: the technique is sufficiently sensitive that only a very very small amount of material typically needs to be used.